Ok, so.. sirens, grotto and drones. This looks so unrelated it’s not true. But, give me a chance to explain what it’s about 🙂 Sirens are sirens, that’s okay and doesn’t require extra explanation. Drones are drones and that’s okay, it doesn’t require further explanation. Ha ha ha! Thing is, today there are waterproof drones available. For us, who are passionate oceal enthusiasts, that’s awesome thing. When I first saw commercial for some waterproof drone I knew there are bunch of oportunities to incoporate in in my lifestyle. That’s exactley what happened few months later.

I bought my first drone, some cheap model just to learn how to operate it. I think it was some Syma model and costed me only $50, something like that. It’s actually a toy drone but good enought to practice some flying. Now I’m in serious drone business and you can read more about that on this website. So stay tuned!