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Buying drone on a budget? Here’s the best drone under $500!

If you’re still thinking about ideal drone for you, or maybe for your kid.. you came to the right place! I’ll tell you one fact right away, 99% of people have limited budget when buying drones. Woah, who’d say that?! If you’re among lucky ones with their budget limited at $500, I think I can help you.

There are many drones available on the market, and most of them cost less than $500. Thing is, most of them are not worth even $100. People are importing those cheap drones from china, then rebranding them within USA and selling them as some “premium” drone. You could easily be scammed if you don’t do good research!

So, be careful, when I say best drone under $500 – I really mean it! There’s one USA based company that is pretty famous in RC toys industry. Can you guess it’s name? It’s name is Traxxas, and their latest drone is Traxxas Aton. It’s semi-professional drone for all of you guys running on a low budget. It’S GoPro ready, which means you can get pretty quality aerial footages. Should I also mention their customer care? Much better than DJI ones, Traxxas have their team based in USA.

When it comes to flight time and range, Traxxas aton won’t dissapoint you. It should provide you with 15-20 minutes of flight time and 500 meters range. In my opinion, this really is one of the best drones under $20!

Drones for sale are very popular among artists in USA

A couple of years ago, when drones for sale were still conisdered as a pure luxury, people did not see them as handy gadgets used across a wide range of scenarios. Today, there is a completely different picture surrounding them. They have found their way into millions of homes worldwide and are primarily a source of great fun and enjoyment. People (especially parents) love them because they represent an awesome new way to have fun outdoors, which is especially important for kids who tend to stick around indoor playing on their consoles and PCs. But, the amazing usage of drones doesn’t end here. As some of you already might know, besides fun drones are also able to perform quite well in business uses as well. For example, there has been a significant increase in drone usage within the USA real estate industry over the course of this year. Besides that, there are also many other similar business uses of drones, and believe it or not, they are expanding day in and day out.

Many artists are opting for drones nowadays

As I already mentioned above, usage of drones is ever expanding nowadays. They offer amazing capabilities in such a compact form factor which is one of the main reason for their popularity in busines. Filmmakers and movie producers have started experimenting with aerial footage coming striaght from premium drones and it is safe to say that people seem to love it. Today, there are many drones with good fligh time, so you don’t have to change batteries every 5-10 minutes as before. I am sure you are already aware that all premium drones (and by premium I mean the ones that cost more than $500) mosty come with exceptional 4K cameras accompanied by a whole bunch of stabilization systems which make sure that the videos (and still images) are as smooth as they can be. Combine that with motorized gimbals and wide angle cameras and you’ll see why so many artists are opting for drones nowadays…